Monthly Archives: May 2019

Pavers Foundation Supports Everest Rugby Challenge

In April this year, a group of determined adventurers tacked the LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challenge and helped to break two World Records by playing the highest ever game of full-contact rugby and the highest ever game of mixed touch rugby.

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Sporting Knavesmire Football Club Receive £1,200

Sporting Knavesmire Football Club (FC) have received a donation of £1,200 from the Pavers Foundation after Ian Williams, Warehouse Operative at Pavers head office in York, applied for the grant to support the club in which his son plays for.

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The Pavers Foundation donates £5,000 to retailTRUST

The Pavers Foundation has donated £5,000 to retailTRUST, a national charity dedicated to improving the lives of everyone involved in retail and the supporting service industries. The donation was made on behalf of Stuart Paver, Managing Director of Pavers Shoes.   retailTRUST improves the wellbeing of retail employees and their families through emotional, physical, vocational…
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