Pavers Foundation Supports Everest Rugby Challenge

In April this year, a group of determined adventurers tackled the LMAX Exchange Everest Rugby Challenge and helped to break two World Records by playing the highest ever game of full-contact rugby and the highest ever game of mixed touch rugby, at an impressive 6,331m above sea level.

The challenge took place over 24 days from April 13th - May 6th 2019. The group was a mix of international rugby players, business executives and a diverse range of people from the rugby community.

The challenge took place to raise money for the charity, Wooden Spoon, who have received a donation of £1,500 from the Pavers Foundation, on behalf of Stuart & Rachel Paver.



Stuart Paver, Managing Director of Pavers Shoes said:


"This charity was started by ex-professional rugby players and supports children around the UK and when they said they were going up Everest to play Rugby I thought it was an amazing task they had set themselves and worth our support.

Having seen their reports it was obviously incredibly challenging but they managed to get the world record for the highest games of rugby ever played".


Through the power of rugby, Wooden Spoon transform the lives of children and young people with a disability or facing disadvantage in the UK and Ireland. The charity is dedicated to ensuring that every child and young person has access to the same opportunities, no matter what their background.


Since its founding in 1983, Wooden Spoon have distributed over £26 million to more than 700 life-changing projects, including the funding of sensory rooms, specialist playgrounds, respite and medical treatment centres.


To find out more about the great work Wooden Spoon do please visit