Employee vote sees NSPCC receive donation of £2,500

(2731) Photography by Tom Hull Photography. The children pictured are models. The NSPCC practitioner is Laura Gafoor.

At the Pavers Foundation we are really proud to announce a donation of £2,500 has been given to the NSPCC, who were runners up in the employee vote to decide on one of our two Charities of the Year.

Every six months the Foundation nominates four major charities to be put to a popular vote amongst our colleagues at Pavers Shoes, Jones Bootmaker, and Herring Shoes. The charities put forward are chosen based on our core values, healthcare, education, and community. The cause which receives the most votes is selected as one of our two charities of the year.

The employees across the three brands united, choosing between four incredible charities, Dementia UK, Designability, Make a Wish Ireland, and NSPCC. 

With Dementia UK taking nearly half of the votes, earlier this year we announced the cause as the winner, and as such, they received a significant donation from the Pavers Foundation. 

However, the fantastic work of the three runner-up charities did not go unnoticed, each cause including the NSPCC, have received a donation of £2,500. 

(2731) Photography by Tom Hull Photography. The children pictured are models. The NSPCC practitioner is Laura Gafoor.

The NSPCC is the leading children’s charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands. They help children who have been abused to rebuild their lives, protects those at risk, and finds the best ways of preventing child abuse from ever happening.


“I’d like to say a huge thank you to the staff of Pavers for their exceedingly generous donation. These funds are vital in helping us to deliver our services – both locally and across the UK.

In York we have a wonderful and hard-working service centre team that provides therapeutic care to children and families who have, and are, going through exceptionally difficult circumstances.

This donation will help keep services like this available to the children and young people who need them, and it also provides a great boost to our staff to know a company like Pavers supports our work.”

Tim Bradshaw, NSPCC Corporate Partnership Manager


The Pavers Foundation team recently visited the NSPCC’s York Service Centre, to see the amazing range of services and support offered there, which include: 

Letting the Future in

Letting the Future in is a therapeutic service for children aged 4-17 years who have been sexually abused. A maximum of 30 sessions can be offered to children and up to 8 sessions are offered to a child’s parent/carer, helping them to understand the impact of sexual abuse on their child and to support their child’s recovery. The centre also offers a similar service for children aged 4-19 years, who have mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Pregnancy in Mind  

Pregnancy in Mind supports parents during pregnancy. It aims to help parents manage any difficulties they’re facing, such as anxiety or depression. It uses a range of activities including mindfulness, active relaxation and peer support.The aim of the programme is to help develop practical coping skills that can directly impact on a parent's sense of well being, reduce their symptoms, which can have a positive impact on their relationship with their baby pre and post birth. 

Baby Steps 

Baby Steps helps mums-to-be and their partners prepare for becoming parents. The group meets for two hours every week and is made up of couples and single mums at a similar stage of pregnancy. The group discusses how babies develop, health and well being, becoming a parent, giving birth, caring for a baby and the future as a family. The benefits of helping parents at this early stage can last a lifetime.

Reflective Fostering 

This service is aimed at helping foster carers achieve a reflective parenting style,  supporting them to provide high quality and sensitive care for their children. The programme is a ten-week group work service which aims to build strong and positive relationships, promote placement stability, and support a child’s emotional and behavioural development. The team will work with foster carers who are caring for a child aged between 4-11 years. 

To find out more about the support offered at the NSPCC’s York Service Centre, please contact the team on 01904 232800

This is the second time the Pavers Foundation has supported this wonderful cause, after a donation of £5,000 was initiated by Graham Paver in December 2018. We’re delighted to be able to offer continued support to the NSPCC, and hope this donation will help to back the invaluable services they offer.