Introducing our Puppy Partner…Hesta!

Not so long ago we brought you news of a donation, made by The Pavers Foundation, to Dogs for Good, one of the runners-up to our Charity of the Year. Dogs for Good received £2,500 from the Foundation to show support for their fantastic work. 

We have an exciting pup-date to share with you! 

Hesta going out for a short walk

Dogs for Good recently got in touch with the Foundation to announce that our donation has enabled the charity to train another puppy! So meet Hesta, our new Pup Partner! Our donation will help to support Hesta through her vital first year of training.

Hesta is a very cute and lively Labrador who was born on the 13th November 2019. For the next 12 months Hesta will live with her puppy socialiser. The socialiser’s role is to give Hesta lots of love, attention and security and provide Hesta with lots of experience of the world around her. 

Hesta getting some fresh air!

Even at this young age, Hesta is already starting to show some of the characteristics needed in a fully trained dog; confidence, an interest in people and in playing. 

We will provide more pup-dates soon!

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