Pancreatic Cancer UK Receives £5,000 from the Pavers Foundation

Ladies buyer Lisa Mcilroy applied for a £5,000 grant through the Pavers Foundation to support, Pancreatic Cancer UK. This is a charity that is close to the heart’s of Lisa and her sister, Zoe Bradley.

In October 2017, Zoe was diagnosed with Cystic carcinoma of the Pancreas at the age of 42. Feeling fit, well and leading a lifestyle, the diagnosis was a complete shock to both Zoe and her family. Throughout diagnosis and recovery, Zoe found comfort in the charity Pancreatic Cancer UK, and has helped to fundraise over £6,000 for the cause.

Pancreatic Cancer UK offers unwavering support to individuals living with pancreatic cancer, striving to make a difference and change the future for everyone affected by this terrible disease.

Zoe said:

“The Pancreatic UK website really helped me understand my diagnosis but more importantly made me feel less on my own. I was able speak to a trained professional who gave me invaluable help and advice on deciding whether or not to have chemo.”

“Reading about other patients experiences put my own into perspective and through the website I hope I have also helped others with my own personal experiences on how to deal with this disease, especially being diagnosed at a relatively young age”.

The donation of £5,000 is enough to fund 1 month of life-saving research. To date, Pancreatic Cancer UK have invested £4m on world-class research. Laura Howard-Jones from Pancreatic Cancer UK expressed her thanks to The Foundation:

“I want to personally thank you and your colleagues for your kind donation of £5,000 towards pancreatic research.”

“Over the next 5 years we want to double the number of people surviving pancreatic cancer. We will do this by investing in the research that we believe will have the biggest impact in patients, and also deliver the very best return on investment. In the coming years, we will fun research to find ways to diagnose patients faster, to develop better more effective drugs, and to ensure that everyone receives the best possible care.”

To find out more about Pancreatic Cancer please click here.