Planting the First Pavers Foundation Forest!

The Pavers Foundation, charitable initiative of family-owned-and-run carbon neutral footwear retailer Pavers, has recently completed their tree planting project at a site in Wheldrake, York to create the very first Pavers Foundation Forest. The land was kindly donated by Graham Paver, (son of Pavers’ founder Cathy) his wife Sue and their family, after hearing of the Foundation’s desires to benefit the environment, create wildlife habitats and to help protect the planet.

The project has been funded by White Rose Forest in conjunction with Kirklees Council and facilitated by The Conservation Volunteers, who were on site for 4 days preparing the land and planting trees along with volunteers from Pavers Head Office, Graham and Sue Paver and their family. The land has been planted with a mixture of 1170 native trees which will establish over the next few years, and in the spring months will be developed to include a wildflower meadow and wetland area.

Jo Brehaut, Team Leader at The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) said: “We are delighted to be involved in this really worthwhile project to create new woodland and wildflower habitat close to York. Our skilled staff and enthusiastic volunteers make TCV ideally placed to connect funders, landowners and community/corporate volunteers, guiding them to deliver practical projects that make a clear difference to communities and the environment. Everyone at TCV York is excited to see the trees grow and wildflowers flourish as we will return to look after the trees for the next five years.”

Children from Wheldrake with Thorganby CE Primary School

Furthermore, to integrate the local community with the project, the children of Wheldrake with Thorganby CE Primary school attended the site to help plant trees. This was the school attended by Pavers’ MD Jason Paver and his siblings as children, who are now involved with the Pavers Foundation and are passionate about environmental initiatives. The children of the school will also be designing and planting the meadow for the next stage of the project.

"We were really excited to be approached by the Pavers Foundation and to be part of a local project like this. The children from Class 2 had such fun planting the trees with the Conservation Volunteers. They were so excited to share with their families and most enjoyed getting covered in mud too! The children are looking forward to being involved in the next stage of the project, designing a flower meadow and hopefully coming back to the site to see the trees and help doing more planting! When we were first contacted by the Pavers Foundation, there were a couple of members of staff who remembered the Paver children attending school! Such a great link for Pavers, our school and the community." Sophie Tams, Pastoral & Wellbeing Lead and Reception Teacher, Wheldrake with Thorganby CE Primary School.

The Pavers Foundation is delighted to embark on this very exciting project ensuring the trees were planted sustainably so they can thrive for generations to come and establish a natural. The Pavers Foundation would like to extend thanks to Graham and Sue Paver for the generous donation of land, and to all who have helped with the planting.