Pavers Foundation Supports BACZAC His Legacy!

The Pavers Foundation have awarded £5,000 to BACZAC His Legacy on behalf of Verana Yates, Customer Advisor at Pavers Northampton. The grant was made through the charity’s employee grant application scheme, which pledges to make a difference in areas of health, education, and community, to charities close to the hearts of its colleagues. BACZAC His Legacy, founded in memory of Zac Forskitt, supports young adults with cancer.

Verana applied for grant funding as she wanted to support a cause which was very close to her, having been friends with Zac’s mother for many years. Verana thanked the Foundation for making such a great impact on her chosen charity: “It was a very emotional day for me because I know how much this cheque means to Helen and their charity”.

Helen Forskitt, who founded the charity 6 years ago (along with her husband Jason & friend Mandy Hammersley), following the tragic and premature death of her son was very grateful for the donation: “This is amazing! It's the first big cheque we have received this year and The Pavers Foundation is the first company to give us a grant. We can't thank The Pavers Foundation enough”.

The Pavers Foundation is hugely proud to support charities and causes which are so important to their colleagues up and down the UK and beyond. To date the Foundation has donated over £1.1 million and has had an impact on tens of thousands of lives. Follow the Pavers Foundation on social media to keep up to date with all the latest donation stories.