Pavers Foundation Donates £5,000 to Accessible Arts & Media

UK leading family owned-and-run multi-channel shoe retailer Pavers’ charitable trust, Pavers Foundation, has donated £5,000 Accessible Arts and Media on behalf of Stuart (MD Pavers) & Rachel Paver. The Pavers Foundation was established to share Pavers success through charitable giving to causes close to the hearts of its 1,500 strong staff.

Speaking about the donation, Rachel Paver said; “The incredible work the charity does in making such a difference to the well-being of so many people’s lives is amazing.  The sense of joy the choir show when they are performing is heart-warming and we feel privileged to be able to support”.

Accessible Arts and Media are a registered charity based in York who have been running arts and creative media learning projects in and around the city since 1982.

The people that take part in their projects include disabled young people and adults, older people living with dementia and memory loss and people with mental ill-health. The charity supports their wellbeing by helping them develop confidence and skills to connect with their local community and have more of a say in the things that matter to them – with lots of fun along the way!

Their vision is very clear, to see an inclusive society, where everyone gets the chance to shine any they are certainly making that happen in York.

Rose Kent, Creative Director Accessible Arts and Media explains the impact the donation will have;

“Rachel and Stuart Paver have been incredible supporters of Accessible Arts and Media’s Hands & Voices choir over the years and Rachel has been a very welcome guest member at rehearsals and events.  

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been delivering online singing and signing and creative music-making sessions. We've also provided outdoor performance and social opportunities to support our members with creative activities until our face-to-face sessions can restart.  

Creativity forms a big part of looking after our mental wellbeing. Through our weekly online group and 1-to-1 sessions, members of the choir have been able to keep making music and singing together (the things they love to do!) as well as access the emotional and social support we know is so important to them right now.

This incredible donation from the Pavers Foundation means we can make sure our fabulous choir can continue connect with their friends, be creative and develop their skills.  

A huge thank you to Rachel, Stuart, and everyone at the Pavers Foundation for continuing to support our work.”

The Pavers Foundation is dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the communities around them. Each year the family business gives 2% of net profit, alongside the total profits from the sale of carrier bags in stores, plus returns from the endowment to ensure the Pavers Foundation can continue to make effective and positive changes in local communities and beyond. To date the Foundation has donated over £925,000 to good causes and is looking forward to reaching its £1m milestone.  These causes tend to be associated with the core three pillars of their philanthropic strategy relating to health, education and the community.