New Interactive Board for Burton Green Primary School with £3,000 donation

Burton Green Primary School has received a donation of £3,000 from the Pavers Foundation! The donation came after Richard Blake, Service Delivery Manager at Pavers Head Office in York, applied through the Foundation’s grant initiative to support his children’s school.

Burton Green Primary School, which is based in Clifton, York, have been fundraising to replace their existing interactive white boards, which are fairly dated and have variable quality including poor picture and noisy projectors.

The interactive boards are an essential classroom tool for teaching and learning. The school recognises the importance of replacing these, however the annual funding they receive is not sufficient to allow for the purchase of any new boards. To replace all the boards in the school, they would need to raise around £24,000. So far, through fundraisers like cake sales, non-uniform days and Christmas, Easter or Summer Fayres, Burton Green School has raised approximately £4,000.

Richard and his partner Lynn Richford, who also works at Pavers at their York store as a Customer Advisor, recently visited the school to see the impact of the donation. The funding from the Foundation, has already been put to great use and has been used to purchase one new interactive board!

“Burton Green Primary School is an important part of the local community and has taken massive steps to improve their Ofsted ratings and ensure that they provide a safe place to learn, where all children feel equal. Our children love going to this school and that is all down to the staff who work extremely hard, day in, day out. 

This school was the very first school I attended, and it means a lot to me that I get the chance to help them in some way, not just for our children but for all the children that attend and for future generations too! I know the new interactive board will help them continue their fantastic work. Thank you so much to the Pavers Foundation for this donation.”

Richard Blake, Service Delivery Manager

“We regularly use the interactive board in lessons, whether it be for explaining the format of a lesson, showing videos to the class, demonstrating the work that children need to do, linking to the internet, showing websites and for when displaying results/answers.

The new board has been such a refresh for the classroom and for class members. You can see that the children are actively engaged with the work we’re doing on a daily basis. Thank you so much to Richard, Lynn and the Pavers Foundation for this wonderful donation”.

Olivia Tutill, Teacher at Burton Green Primary School

Students from Miss Tutill’s class also told us their thoughts on the new board!

“It is a good interactive board because you can write on it”.


“You can watch videos which help with our learning”.


“Miss Tutill can help us by writing things on our board. It is the best board ever, we are really lucky”.


“It helps us do our work in every lesson like science, Maths and English. I like it when Miss Tutill shows scores on the board”.


We’re delighted to support Burton Green Primary School and it was fantastic to see the interactive board in action! For more information on the school please visit