We have teamed up with The Silver Line…

Pavers Shoes and the Pavers Foundation has joined forces with The Silver Line who combat loneliness and isolation in older people across the UK.

Earlier this year, the Pavers Foundation team attended a charitable event and, through sheer chance, ended up speaking with Dame Esther Ranzten. A conversation about her charity, The Silver Line, sparked the idea to help with their fight to support vulnerable and lonely older people - a generation close to our hearts here at Pavers.

We launched this exciting collaboration with a £5,000 donation from the Pavers Foundation. This donation will help fund The Silver Line’s free 24-hour helpline, which provides older people with the opportunity for social interaction, information and advice.


Hoping to make a difference with every pair…

In addition to the initial donation from the Foundation, we’re also dedicating an entire shoe show on Pavers TV (Sky Channel 678) to The Silver Line. 10% of all sales from this show will be donated to The Silver Line. Tune in at 7pm on the 13th November and help do your bit for an amazing cause while you shop!

Alongside raising money for this great cause, we want to raise as much awareness as possible for The Silver Line and ensure that those experiencing loneliness and isolation, know who to reach out to.

Debbie Paver meets Dame Esther Rantzen

Debbie Paver met with the one and only Dame Esther Rantzen to talk about this exciting collaboration and to find out more about the incredible work of The Silver Line. 

The Silver Line: a lifeline for older people

Bob and Davina   Bob lost his wife cath to Alzheimers,   Sport relief help set up silverline support is just a telephone call away. which is a vital lifeline and offers support to those that need help or that are lonely   sport relief 2015 appeal film with Davina

The Silver Line was founded by Dame Esther Rantzen in November 2013 to tackle the epidemic of loneliness and isolation which affects an ever-growing number of older people in the UK. Currently more than half of over 75s regularly go an entire month without speaking to anyone, and over 5 million cite TV as their main company. Loneliness can profoundly affect health; it’s associated with high blood pressure, dementia, an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and rates of mortality comparable to those associated with smoking more than 15 cigarettes a day according to the Department of Health.

A volunteer for The Silver Line

The Silver Line offers human connection every single day and night of the year through the UK’s only 24-hour, free and confidential helpline specifically for vulnerable and isolated older people, which provides information, friendship, advice or just a simple chat whenever needed.  In just 6 years, they have received over 2.5 million calls, from older people all over the UK who have nowhere else to turn to for help and support. Some call simply to say “goodnight”. They may be bereaved, caring for a partner, or housebound due to disability, but all share the intense pain of loneliness.  

Callers may also be offered telephone befriending by one of more than 4,500 volunteer Silver Line Friends who call an older person, with whom they have been carefully matched, at the same time every week. Silver Circles are our facilitated group calls for six to eight people akin to a virtual coffee morning. As well as providing a listening ear in a moment of acute loneliness, anxiety or confusion, The Silver Line also aims to reconnect people with their communities where possible, signposting the many and varied services available to support them.

Dame Esther Rantzen

“I am thrilled that Pavers have chosen to support The Silver Line. This means we can continue to provide information, friendship and advice to the thousands of isolated and lonely older people who call our helpline, day and night. In just 6 years, we have become a lifeline to so many older people like Julia who told us:

“The Silver Line has provided me with an 'anchor', a friendly voice at the other end of the phone when I feel useless, unwanted and lonely. Sometimes I feel panicky for no real reason. Then I ring Silver Line. I know someone will listen to me”

With your support we will ensure people like Julia will always have somebody to speak to when they need it the most.”

Dame Esther Rantzen, President & Founder of The Silver Line



To find out more about this incredible charity and to see how you can get involved, head over to their website www.thesilverline.org.uk for more information.