Pavers Foundation Funds Places at DBA Annual Conference!

The Pavers Foundation has donated £1,500 to DBA UK, a charity supporting sufferers of Diamond Blackfan Anaemia, a rare condition resulting in red blood cell deficiency. The donation was made on behalf of Dave Stone, van driver at Pavers Distribution Centre in York, to support his nephew William, who suffers from the condition.

The donation will go towards funding places at the charity’s annual family weekend conference for William and his family, together with others who attend to socialise, learn more about each other’s experiences of living with DBA. Dave Stone thanked the Pavers Foundation for supporting this “truly amazing” charity who have helped William so much over the years. “like many charities, DBA has struggled with fundraising over the past few years, however William and his family are so excited to attend the very special 20th anniversary conference in May 2022 thanks to the Pavers Foundation”.

Peter Redmond, Treasurer and Trustee, DBA UK told the Pavers Foundation how important these annual family conferences are for the charity: “our family weekends are always the highlight of the year and are hugely successful on many levels. As a charity we recognise the importance of continuing to provide this service to our children and families and thank the Foundation for helping us make this possible this year”.

The Pavers Foundation is delighted to support charities and causes that are impactful in areas of health, education, community and the environment and has donated over £1million since it was established in 2018. The vast majority of grants go to causes nominated by the 1500 colleagues of Pavers Shoes, alongside donations made to personal favourite charities of the Paver family. The Foundation is excited to continue to evolve over the next year, expanding their operations to embark on environmentally friendly initiatives across the entire business.