Pavers Foundation Donates Match Funding to Northern Ireland Forest School Association

The Pavers Foundation has donated £1,500 of match funding to Northern Ireland Forest School Association on behalf of Jason Molloy, Store Manager, Pavers Antrim. The grant matches £1,500 already raised by the charity to help with a variety of youth development projects.

Jason applied for the funding through the Pavers Foundation’s employee grant application scheme, which welcomes colleagues from Pavers  to support their favoured local charities and causes which make a difference in areas of health, education and community:

Speaking about the donation Jason said; “it was a great pleasure to be able to hand over a cheque for £1500 from the Pavers Foundation to Northern Ireland Forest School Association at Hazelwood integrated school. The school will put this donation towards projects aiming to help children with a variety of youth development projects having both my children attend this school I have seen first-hand the wonderful work and support this school offers both the children and the community”.

Jim McDaid Principal, Hazelwood Integrated school thanked the Foundation for the donation and explained what it will allow the charity to achieve: “this money will help fund our after school outdoor therapy programme for the rest of the year. This programme takes pupils we have identified as being vulnerable and who need a little support in confidence, social development etc and gives then a therapy session with two trained members of staff once per week. Thank you so much for the opportunity to allow Jason to apply for this much needed funding on our behalf”.

The Pavers Foundation has donated £1million so far to worthy causes across the UK and beyond in the first 3 years since its establishment in 2018. For more information on the Foundation and its endeavours, visit their website or follow them on social media where their story will continue to evolve.