Lighting the way at the 50th Kingsbridge Fair Week

Tony Grant, Warehouse Manager at Herring Shoes with Jason Simmons, Managing Director of Herring Shoes. 


Last month the Pavers Foundation donated £500 to sponsor the Lantern Parade at the 50th Kingsbridge Fair Week. 


The Kingsbridge Fair Week is an action-packed seven days that sees a fun fair arrive in Kingsbridge, along with a mixture of celebratory events, parades, live music and street food! It’s a family focused event with fun for all ages. Celebrations kick-started on 20th July, and continued right the way through till the 27th! 

Tony Grant, Warehouse Manager at Herring Shoes, based in Kingsbridge, applied to support the Fair Week, through the Pavers Foundation’s grant application initiative. The donation was put towards sponsoring the Lantern Parade, which took place on Wednesday 24th July. 



The £500 from the Pavers Foundation was used to help purchase materials that were distributed to local schools, Brownies, Guides and churches, and also to families within the community, who went on to create the lanterns! 


“I wanted the Pavers Foundation to be involved with the Lantern Parade as it brings families together in our local community, making a joyful celebration of summer and our local spirit. Our Fair Week committee was celebrating 50 years this year, so to have the Foundation’s support in this special year was a great help and helped to bring more business to local shops too.

Kingsbridge Fair established in 1219 and there will be further celebrations later this year to mark the anniversary. Tony at Herring joined the Fair committee this year after two of his daughters were involved in the Fair Queen Pageants and he wanted to give something back. When he heard about the Pavers  Foundation grant application initiative, he saw a great opportunity to help a local cause close to his heart and at the same time support the town’s High Street. 

This year's Fair was a huge success and the crowds were bolstered by the great weather during the Raft Race, Teddy Bears Picnic and of course the evening Lantern Parade. Thanks to the Pavers Foundation’s donation, a great time was had by all the participants and our local community has benefited.”

Jason Simmonds, Managing Director of Herring Shoes



“Kingsbridge Fair Week’s 11th Lantern Parade was themed as ‘All the Fun of the Fair’, which saw many fabulous lanterns, from The Teacups too, Goldfish in Bags too, Hook A Duck too, Helter Skelter and much more. The Lantern Parade is a fun-filled family and community event, all are welcome to take part in the procession or watch.

There are two free family workshops on the lead up to the event for anyone who would like to make a lantern and walk in the parade. There are always extra lanterns for children who want to take part in the procession. 

The event continues to grow with around 7 large lanterns and many smaller ones, we hope to see the event expand year on year, to make the procession bigger and better for all those who take part and come and watch.

Kingsbridge Fair Week would like to say a huge thank you to the Pavers Foundation for sponsoring the 2019 Lantern Parade. This fun family and community event was a great success. All those who took part and watched thoroughly enjoyed the lanterns”.

Abbey Horton, Member of the Kingsbridge Fair Week Committee


We’re thrilled that the Lantern Parade was a success! Well done to our Herring Team for putting the cause forward. To find out more about the Kingsbridge Fair Week, please visit