We’ve shown our support for The Scout Association this month with a £1,000 donation to the 2nd Acomb Scout Group in York! Claire Breen, Assistant Manager at Pavers in York, applied to the Pavers Foundation to support the group, in which her son attends. 

The 2nd Acomb Scout Group has been running since 1932 and ever since has offered young people the opportunity to develop their knowledge, encouraging them to become active, positive members of their community, equipping them with invaluable life skills. The group organises adventure activities for young people to take part in, including camping expeditions.

In order to be able to regularly take their Scout troops on camping trips, transport is essential, which is something the group has struggled with in recent times. Currently, the Scout group are raising funds to purchase a minibus, which will enable them to continue running trips and offering these fantastic activities. 

With a target of £10,000, the group, of around 130 strong, launched a campaign called #keepuscamping. Through this, they have managed to raise nearly £3,500! Young members have also been actively fundraising through various activities, including a sponsored abseil and hosting a showcase event with bingo, a raffle and refreshments! 

Yep...you guessed it! The £1,000 donation from the Pavers Foundation will be put towards funding the mini bus, which we hope will get the group that one step closer to achieving their goal! 

“2nd Acomb Scout Group have been amazing. My son started attending at the age of 8 and is still there now, as a young leader, age 15. They have taught him so much and have given him opportunities to do all sorts of activities. Thank you to the Pavers Foundation for supporting this group and helping to ensure that the young members don't miss out on these important trips.”

Claire Breen, Assistant Manager at Pavers in York

“Getting outdoors and offering adventurous activities is integral to our group. With limited transport it is becoming a challenge. This donation will go a long way to getting a minibus to keep our young people camping.”

Becky Lincoln, Group Scout Leader

To find out more about 2nd Acomb Scout Group, give them a follow on social media...www.facebook.com/2ndAcomb