Grant Applications

We understand that across the country there are causes that are special to our employees. We actively encourage every single colleague from Pavers, Jones Bootmaker and Herring Shoes to apply for a grant application through the Pavers Foundation for causes relating to healthcare, education and community - big or small, nationwide or independent.


With the help of our colleagues, the Pavers Foundation Grant Application scheme we are helping to grow, strengthen and empower the communities around us.


Employees can apply for any amount between £500 to £50,000, the application form can be found on the documents section of Stiletto, where you can print out, hand write and send over to head office for submission. Or, employees can type out the form and email it over to


Since November 2018, the Pavers Foundation has donated a staggering £73,800 through the grant application scheme alone, meaning that 25 charities and causes in communities across the UK have benefited from our employees’ grant applications in just six months.


The next deadline for grant submissions is 31st March 2019 ahead of the Pavers Foundation’s committee meeting in May 2019. Below are just a few of the 25 grant application stories that the employees of Pavers Shoes, Jones Bootmaker and Herring Shoes helped make into a success.



Links2Pink Donation Pavers Shoes

Links2Pink run local events to raise funds to support families throughout the Borough of Antrim who are struggling with difficult circumstances such as illness. Our Pavers colleague, Shauna, from our County Antrim store applied for a £500 grant in memory of her Mother, Mary.

“Links2Pink organised an amazing family day out with my three sisters and six grandchildren. It meant that we got to spend quality time together as a family and show the children that life can be happy too, this is everything that our mummy would have wanted.”

Peeps HIE

HIE Charity Donation

The fledgling charity Peeps received a life-changing grant of £2,000 initiated by our Pavers colleague Vicky. Peeps provide invaluable support to children and their families affected by Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) similar to her nephew Henry and sister Katie.

 “Peeps is such an important charity that deserves a chance to help families just like mine. Babies like Henry need their family to be strong, supported, and guided; so that they can have the best start possible.”


DBA UK Charity Donation

Dave, our driver applied for £10,000 through the grant application scheme for DBA UK, in honour of his nephew William. William has a very rare blood condition called Diamond Blackfan Anaemia; where the bone marrow does not produce red blood cells, as such William receives blood transfusions every three weeks. DBA UK works tirelessly to find greater medical care with the hope of finding a cure.

“We cannot thank The Pavers Foundation enough. Every penny is so important to our little charity. This enables us to support many children and families in the UK with Diamond Blackfan Anaemia. We also support research projects all over the world in the hope that one day better treatments or even a cure for this terrible condition may be found.” 

The Avalon Group

Natalia from Head Office, applied for £11,000 grant for The Avalon Group, a social care charity who provide flexible care, support and companionship through day-to-day life. Supporting a wide range of individuals across the North of England, where they are supported in leading a happy and fulfilling life.



“This generous donation will ensure that adults with mental health needs across York are supported in a safe, family environment.”


Christmas Shoe Box

Sandra Brown Christmas Box Appeal

Sandra from the Shrewsbury store applied for £500 donation for local lady Christine Wright and her festive charitable initiative. Christine created Christmas gift boxes for vulnerable and elderly individuals in the local community that face loneliness or social-isolation during the Christmas period. This donation made a huge difference to a cause that is otherwise personally funded by Christine.


“I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to the staff at Percy Thrower for their help over the years, and all at the Foundation. This donation has helped me to create more boxes, which in-turn has helped make a difference for those experiencing loneliness during the Christmas period.”

Montpelier Villa Football Club


Karen, from our Pavers store in Brigton applied for a £500 grant to support her local football team, Montpelier Villa Womens Football Club. This money has helped the all ladies team to develop their skills so they can look ahead to a promising future with their performance.


"This injection of coaching experience and having a positive female role model has helped us to develop technically as players."


Please note that this is an initiative lead by the employees of Pavers Shoes, as such we are not able to accept grant or funding applications from external organisations.

We can only accept grant applications that have been submitted by a Pavers employee.