Glen Lions take pride in their £500 donation from the Pavers Foundation

The Pavers Foundation has donated £500 to Glen Lions Football Club after Mark Ross, Transport Manager at Pavers, made a grant application to support the club. Mark’s nephew, Mason, recently joined the club and it has had a really positive impact on his life.

“This club is really important to me as my nephew, Mason (9), had really bad nerves and didn’t like to socialise. This club has helped him overcome this and made him, and others in similar situations, feel like they are part of a bigger family.”

Mark Ross, Transport Manager at Pavers

Glen Lions Football Club, which is self-funded by the parents and coaches, currently has around 70 girls and boys from ages 5-11 across seven teams. Through the club the children keep active, make friends and learn vital lessons such as respect, discipline, and teamwork, which will encourage them to grow into mature young adults.  

The club’s overheads already take up a lot of the club’s finances but in addition to this, vandals recently broke into the club’s secure unit and destroyed a lot of equipment such as goal nets and corner flags which will cost the club additional money to replace. 

This donation will be split between replacing the damaged nets and providing rain jackets for all the kids.

Mark Ross:

“I would like to just to give thanks to all at Pavers Foundation for their donation of £500, this will enable the club as a whole to continue their winter training indoors and also help purchase new equipment some of which has been damaged. The boys at the Glen Lions including my nephew who plays for the 2009s were all so grateful and the smiles on their faces are what giving to grass root football is all about.” 

The Glen Lions have also expressed their gratitude for this donation:

This donation is a massive boost to our club! Thank you to the Pavers Foundation, and to Mark Ross, who made this happen!” 

Glen Lions FC

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