Footwear Friends – a friend to those in need

We’ve donated £3,000 to Footwear Friends, a charity supporting those in need, who work or have worked, in the footwear industry. The donation was awarded on behalf of Stuart Paver, Managing Director of Pavers. 

Footwear Friends provides financial aid and support to people in the shoe trade who have fallen on hard times. Established in 1836, the charity has made an incredible impact, helping those who have specifically served the footwear industry, whether in design, manufacturing, distribution, retail or repair. 

“Footwear friends is a great little charity run by people from the shoe trade for people who have worked in both manufacturing and retailing. When hearing about some of the amazing help they extend to people who have fallen on hard times, it was a cause that we were more than happy to support”. 

Stuart Paver, Managing Director of Pavers

Footwear Friends support people through many difficulties in life, including those experiencing housing problems, an unexpected and long term illness, debt, depression, anxiety; they will even help those who have come up against an unforeseen bill, like having to replace an appliance at home. Footwear Friends offer 6-monthly grants, one off grants, mid-year and Christmas grants and convalescent holiday grants to those who have worked in the trade for 3 years or more. 

The charity is volunteer led and relies mainly on donations, fundraising events and sponsors within the trade to help continue its giving.

Thanks to all at Pavers and at the Pavers Foundation for their enormous generosity to Footwear Friends. We are one of the oldest charities still in existence, going back to 1836 when it was established to help all workers in what was then a mainly shoemaking trade in the UK. The shoe trade in the UK is now more retail based than manufacturing, but we support everyone associated with shoes at any level; retail wholesale, manufacturing…you name it.

We also work to encourage young people into the industry at all levels. We provide mentoring and support, alongside our annual awards which help to encourage entrepreneurialism and innovation in our trade. This is something that Pavers also generously support”. 

Justin Morgan, Trustee of Footwear Friends  

To find out more about this fantastic charity, hop over to their website