From left, Jason Paver, director of sales, Martin Bishop, director of fundraising & communications, Helen Green, an Admiral Nurse, and Stuart Paver, managing director.

In May 2019 we announced Dementia UK as one of two Charities of the Year for the Pavers Foundation!

Dementia UK received a donation of £65,000 from the Pavers Foundation, following our employee vote! 

Employees across Pavers Shoes, Jones Bootmaker and Herring Shoes united to vote for our second-ever Charity of the Year, and had the tough task of choosing between four incredible charities; Dementia UK, Designability, Make a Wish Ireland and NSPCC.  

Dementia UK received an astonishing 48% of all employee votes… 

Every three minutes, someone in the UK is diagnosed with dementia. 


Dementia’s devastating impact  


Dementia is now the leading cause of death in the UK.

Currently, more than 850,000 people are living with the condition, this figure is set to rise to 1 million by 2021.

This is a devastating disease that impacts on the lives of not only the person living with dementia, but also affects the friends and family as they care for their loved ones, a role which is particularly challenging and demanding.




Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families with the help of their Admiral Nurse service.

When things get challenging or difficult for those with dementia, their families, or carers, Admiral Nurses will work alongside them to provide one-to-one support, guidance, and practical solutions.

Admiral Nurses are continually trained, developed and supported by Dementia UK, providing specialist expertise to individuals in exceptionally difficult or isolating situations. Families that have their support have someone truly expert and caring by their side - helping them to live more positively with dementia in the present, and to face the challenges of tomorrow with more confidence and less fear. 

Our donation to Dementia UK funded the salary of one full-time Helpline Admiral Nurse and one part-time.

The donation from the Pavers Foundation funded a full-time Helpline Admiral Nurse, Helen Green, who has worked in dementia care for the past 17 years in hospitals, care homes and community settings.

In addition, it has paid the salary of part-time Admiral Nurse, Jacqueline Crowther, who has 37 years’ experience working with families and people living with dementia.

Last year the Helpline received 19,430 calls, which was a 25% increase on the previous year.



· They would like a nurse to support them

· They would like to access local support

· They’re enquiring about the behaviour of the person with dementia

· They want to know more about caring options

· They want to know more about getting a diagnosis of dementia



The relationship of a caller to a person with dementia:*

1. Daughter 47%
2. Son 13%
3. Wife 12%
4. Husband 6%
5. Daughter in Law 4% 

*82% of all calls


Admiral Nurse for Dementia UK, Helen Green, popped into Pavers TV for a chat on the sofa with Mark Granger, Committee Member of the Pavers Foundation and one of our lovely presenters, John Scott!

Dementia UK believes that the support of a specialist dementia nurse should be accessible to all who are affected by dementia, as such, they are working hard to increase the number of Admiral Nurses across the UK. To donate to Dementia UK, please visit

The charity receives no government funding and is entirely reliant on voluntary donations to ensure families continuously receive specialist care and support that is needed.

We couldn’t have done it without the help of our colleagues...

The Pavers Foundation was established with our employees in mind...and this donation would not of been possible without their help, and their votes.

Receiving nearly half of all the votes, it's clear that Dementia UK holds a special place in our employees' hearts, particularly for Andrea Goodall, Head of Customer Services at our Head Office in York and Pavers Foundation committee member. Andrea said: 


“I voted for Dementia UK as they provided invaluable support for me, my mum, and my family. My mum is 85 and has dementia. The charity helped me understand more about the illness and how to best look after her. They’re just as much about supporting the families of those with dementia, as they’re helping those living with it."


We would like to thank all of our employees who voted for this amazing cause.